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Promotion Overview

Who NominatesManager
FrequencyTwice a year
Promotion Rate

Promotion Stories

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Promotion Guide

Promotion culture varies within Reddit depending on which team and organization you're part of. Similar to most companies, your manager has an outsized role in your ability to get promoted, especially since they must formally nominate you as a candidate.

Company-wide, most people land a promotion in November, but there are still some that get land their promotion in the normal July cycle.

Promotions at Reddit are heavier than most other companies, so be prepared to spend a lot of time supporting your case.

On top of the normal performance review cycle, the promotion packet includes additional supporting documentation, things like:

  • Collaboration with other teams
  • Wiki contributions
  • Deep dive presentations
  • Any additional work done outside the team, such as building internal tools, interviewing candidates, and writing new interview questions.

Promotions at Reddit are lagging, which means that you must be operating at the next level for at least a few months before the promotion can be finalized.

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